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Pinned at a Tipsy Angle 2021


材料 / Material

Teak, cotton

尺寸 / Size

4.5" × 5" x 3" (11.5cm × 13cm x 7.6cm )


As a woodturner, I was inspired by Esherick's work when I visited the museum back in 2019, especially by the beauty in everyday life objects: the mug, the clothes hook, the ladle, etc. Therefore, I chose to make an everyday object: a pincushion.


Bringing oriental elements into my work has been an ongoing theme for a couple of years. Pinned at a Tipsy Angle was inspired by a Buddhist ritual conch. While I was fascinated by the form, I also wanted to create the lines which not only flew throughout the design but also redefined the edge. I sought to bring beauty into this mundane object as a tribute to Esherick.

Pinned at a Tipsy Angle was part of the Wharton Esherick Museum Online Exhibition, Wood and ... 

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