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Unearthing the Past 2019


材料 / Material

Maple burl, ebony, rose wood, walnut, maple, mahogany

尺寸 / Size

3.75" × 6" x 6" (9.5cm × 15cm x 15cm)


When unearthing bronze vessels, we saw not only the objects made thousands of years ago but also what nature had done to them. The rusts and the breaks were evidence of nurturing by nature.

I took this chance to recreate the image of an unearthed bronze vessel in wood. Burl itself was a material nurtured by nature and had a unique grain pattern. How uncanny it was to be able to take this character to convey the idea of the unearthed bronze vessel.


Unearthing the Past was part of the AAW POP Exhibition, Nature/Nurture

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