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Mayday 2023


材料 / Material

Camphor, ash

尺寸 / Size

2½" × 2½" (23cm × 22cm x 15cm)

Audible alarms, such as drums, bells, woodblocks and etc., were one of the ancient warning and emergency notification systems.


In the past few decades, the virus, the earthquake, climate change, pollution, etc. all left irreversible marks on the planet Earth.


The texture and the split on this hollow form suggest the scars left by the disasters and hope not one day the only natural beauty remaining is the sun, moon, and stars in the sky. This hollow form is also a percussion instrument and its sound symbolically alerts us that we are not out of the woods yet.


過去幾十年,病毒、地震、氣候變化、污染等都在地球上留下了不可逆轉的印記。這件作品上的紋理和裂縫暗示著災難留下的傷痕,希望不要有一天,大自然的美景只剩下天空中的太陽、月亮和星辰。同時這也是一種打擊樂器,它的聲音象徵性地提醒我們: 我們還沒有走出環境的困境。

Mayday was part of the  2023 AAW Member Exhibition, Out of the Woods.

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